Jeremiah & Nathania

23 • 09 • 2023


Family and Friends


Jeremiah & Nathania

23 • 09 • 2023

We've Found Love

“So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”
Matthew 19:6

The Groom and Bride


Jeremiah Kevin

Son of
Mr. Lukas Hundono Mastana
Mrs. Helena Anggraeny Dewi


Nathania Frederica

Daughter of
Mr. Hadi Prayitno
Mrs. Tjen Theresia Meliana

With Love,

By the grace of God, we are pleased to announce our wedding to you, our family, and our friends. We request the honor of your presence on our special day that will be held on:

Holy Matrimony


23 September 2023

10:30 AM

Holiday Inn Kemayoran - Cendana Ballroom

Jl. Griya Utama B No.1, Sunter Agung, Kec. Tj. Priok, Jkt Utara, DKI Jakarta

Alongside the real event we also plan to publish our wedding virtually via Youtube Live Streaming that you can join through the following link:



23 September 2023

6:30 PM

Holiday Inn Kemayoran - Angsana Grand Ballroom

Jl. Griya Utama B No.1, Sunter Agung, Kec. Tj. Priok, Jkt Utara, DKI Jakarta


Please help us prepare everything better by confirming your attendance at our real wedding event with the following RSVP form:


Recent Wishes


My best wishes for the happy couple. Have a blast!

Dian Aryanti Gumulya

Congratulation to the happiest Bride & Groom… Jesus be the center of your wedding.
Also congratulation to proud parents Mrs. Theresia & Mr. Hadi.

Meilanni Lucky

To, Nathania & Jeremiah

“Wishing you joy, love and happiness on your wedding day and as you begin your new life together.”

From, Mr & Mrs Lim Sak San

Wincent Sujanto

Congratulations on your wedding. Best wishes to the bride and groom.

Leo Herlambang

Happy Wedding Kevin & Nia
JBU always


Bahagia selalu ya

Cindy kurnia

Happy wedding to cc nia & ko jeremi… Wishing you a happy wedding day and a life time filled with joy 💖💖

Sussy widyanti

Congratulation Kevin & nia..
Happy wedding..

Evan Tandywijaya

Selamat menempuh hidup baru, Nia dan Jeremiah
Semoga Tuhan selalu bersama kalian🙏
I’ll pray for you, and best wish from me😇
Maaf nggak bisa datang ke acara pernikahan kalian🙏

Virginia Indri

happy wedding nia and kevin! finally after 10 years we could meet again on ur wedding day! i’m so happy for you! may god bless your marriage!


Congratulations Happy Wedding Kevin & Nia.Gbu

Anton & Istri

Congratulations Happy Wedding Kevin & Nia.Gbu


Congratulation & Happy Wedding Jeremiah & Nathania

Roger & Belita Sanders

Dear Nathania & Jeremiah,
Both of you are so inspiring. Your love for God and one another is so evident. Your kind gentle presence in our lives has truly touched us. We wish you many blessings on your beautiful sacrament of marriage. We will be joining online to witness your great exchange of love. Have a blessed day and a wonderful marriage full of many blessings. Sending you hugs across the miles
Love Belita & Roger


Congratulations Happy Wedding Kevin & Nia

Liza Wuisan

Happy Wedding to Jeremiah & Nathania…
Be happy forever…
God bless


Selamat Menempuh hidup baru


Congratz.. happy ever after

Yetti & Ninik

Congratulations Happy Wedding Kevin & Nia, God Bless You

Hesti/po nyu

Happy wedding, happy ever after..


Happy Wedding Jeremiah & Nathania

Leo Herlambang

Congratulations Kevin & Nathania, Happy Wedding, God Bless You

Nita Prihutami

Happy wedding, Jeremiah & Nathania, JBU

Kokon & Adi

Congratutions Jeremiah & Nathania, Happy Wedding.Gbu

priscilla ryanti andradi

Congratulations dear Nia and Jeremy…
God bless your marriage & stay in love and happy always.
Much love, Tante Priscy, Oom Gracio , Elaine and Christo

Andi & istri

Happy Wedding for Kevin ❤️ Nia God bless You


Semoga Berbahagia Selalu utk Kevin & Nia

Christian The

Hopefully all the wedding processions can run well and smoothly and the bride and groom live in happiness.

Suroso A.J.

Selamat Kevin & Nathania
Tuhan Yesus Memberkati 🙏

Mr & Mrs Iwan Tjhin

Congratulations Jeremiah & Nathania, God bless You🙏🙏

Ismet Natakarmana & Istri

Saat ini, dua jiwa menjadi satu. Semoga persatuan Anda diberkati dengan kebahagiaan, harmoni, dan momen tak terlupakan seumur hidup. Selamat menempuh hidup baru

Andri Prasetyo

“May the years ahead be filled with abundant love, laughter, and countless shared adventures. Congratulations on finding your perfect match and happy ever after”

-Andri Prasetyo-

Tjai Hwa

Selamat ya utk kedua mempelai…….GBU

Leni puspita

Happy wedding Jeremiah and Natahania.
God bless you 😇🙏

Ali & Istri

Selamat Menempuh Hidup Baru Kevin & Nia
Tuhan Memberkati🙏

Joni & Wife

Congratulations Jeremiah Kevin & Nathania,Gbu

Suroso & Istri

Congratulations Jeremiah & Nathania.Happy Wedding Gbu🙏

Jopi & Yolanda

Happy Wedding Kevin & Nia, God Bless You🙏

Widjaya Sunarko

Selamat berbahagia & selamat menempuh hidup yg baru.. Tuhan Yesus memberkati

Tjahya Otjai & Istri

Selamat buat Kevin & Nia. Memasuki Kehidupan Baru
Tuhan Memberkati.🙏🙏


Kevin & Nia. Congratulations, Happy Wedding.God bless You

Johan & Ayun

Congratulations Kevin & Nia, Happy Wedding. God Bless You


Selamat menempuh hidup baru Tuhan Yesus memberkati selamanya

Efratania Garzio

Congratulation dear Jeremy & Nia! May God always be the center of this marriage 🫶 love Vaz&Ta

Mery horax

Have a Blessed Wedding , Happy Always🙏❤️

Andrias Law

Congratulations to Jeremiah and Nathania.
GOD bless you abundantly..!

Fanny Irene

Have a Blessed Wedding
God Bless you

Bie Ling


Pierre Hewarlela mr and mrs

Nia and Jer selamat yaa for the both of you. Turut bersuka cita 😍We will definitely be seeing you both in the celebration 🥰

Papa dan mama nya
Adinda n Dimaz in winnipeg

Steven & Dwi

Semoga menjadi keluarga yg berbahagia selamanya,,,amin


Congratulations ya

Eddy kurniawan

Wish you a Happy Marriage till the end, and may Lord Bless your Marriage with lot of Joyful

Eddy Hui & Ana

Glen Yosua

Congratulations, God bless!


Happy wedding kevin & nathania

Inge Felita

Dear Kevin and Nia, congratulations and wishing you an everlasting union 💒

Luki Ertje

Happy Wedding Kevin Nia, God Bless You


Congratulations Kevin & Nathania, Happy Wedding forever.Gbu

Rudi Ana

Happy Wedding Kevin & Nia, God Bless You

Evi livius

Happy Wedding Kevin Nia, God Bless


Selamat menempuh hidup baru
Tuhan Yesus memberkati

Harry Boenjamin

Happy Wedding Jeremiah dan Nathania. Gbu always.

Indra Tan

Happy Wedding Kevin & Nia..JBU

Diana Rosmayanthy

Congratulations to both of you on your special day! Your greatest adventure has just begun.


Wishing you a long and happy marriage


Happy Wedding Kevin & Nia, God Bless


Congratulation ..
selamat menempuh hidup baru dan Tuhan selalu melindunginya sampai maut memisahkan amin Tuhan memberkati

Jeffry Alexander

Happy wedding kevin & nathania, god bless both of you

Mella Noviani

Congratulation kevin & nathania, happy wedding, happy forever❤️

Monika Wijaya

Happy wedding
May God bless both of you


Selamat menempuh hidup baru. Semoga berbahagia

Andreas Nawawi

Congratulation Kevin & Nathania, God bless you abundantly

Ester Djaja

Wishing you all the joy and love that God has for you .


Congratulations for u both, long last ever after and happy forever ❤️

Leonard Charles Lay

We wish you all the best. Jesus bless both of you and generations to come. Amen

Alfa Nehemia

Congratulation Kevin & Nathania. God bless your new start journey.♥️♥️♥️

Henny Berthes

Selamat menempuh hidup baru semoga bahagia selalu Tuhan Yesus Memberkati.

Chery TJ

Selamat & Bahagia Untuk Kedua Mempelai🙏

Rahayu Widodo

Congratulations Nathania & Jeremiah

Gladys Aten

Congratulations Nia & Jeremy

Clarine Chandra

Congrats Ci Nia & Kevin on your wedding!🥹 I’m so happy for you both! I pray that you two have a wonderful and blessed marriage. God bless you guys abundantly!❤️

Angeline Paramitha

Congratulation on your wedding Nia & Jeremy. God always bless your marriage. Amen

Lea Stephen

God bless your family,
Jeremy & Nia 🙏🌷

Foek Sang dan Fang2

Congrats Jeremiah dan Natnania. Lancar sampai dengan hari H ya. GBU

Lusiana Sopha

Congratulations to love birds. May God bless you

Serenakartika Tangkere

Congratulations Nia and Jeremiah! May Jesus bless your marriage now and forever… Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together and a love that grows stronger with each passing day. GBU

🇮🇩 Tony Mulia 🇮🇩

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Glenda Irene

Congrats Kevin & Nathania ✨

Tata Djuhia

Happy wedding Kevin & Nathania

Vivi Rihanti

Congrats you guys!! May Jesus bless your marriage now and forever 🥰🥰

chandra dewi (lily)

wishing you all the joy that life has to offer. congratulations on your wedding day!

Inne dan Hendra

Selamat menempuh Hidup Baru Nathania dan Jeremiah

Enny helena

Congratulation on your wedding

Louis Reyner

Congratulations Nia and Jeremy, I wish you guys the best and happily ever after.

With love,

Pedrico Siagian

Jeremiah & Nia congratulations on the wedding! God bless your marriage! So sorry we can’t attend in person but we will watch through the live stream along with Papay & Mamay! 🎉🙏🏻💍

Tan bedjo

Congrats for your wedding,


Congratulations to you both for finding your life partners on this happy day.

Pang lie hua

Congratulation May God always bless you both with a lifetime of happiness

Evalyn Sembiring

Selanat untuk kedua mempelai, semoga lancar sampai hari H,, Tuhan Yesus Memberkati

Sheralynn Violana

Ce Nia and Ko Kevin! 🥹 Congrats to the two of you! I pray semua persiapan bakal lancar” semua! May God guide you two and use you guys lebih lagi! ❤️

Andrea Sunshine

Congratulationss for you both! may everything is going well until d-day! God bless both of you 🫶🏻

Justin Hadiwijaya Horman

A big congratulations to my compatriots and comrades. Now, both of you have entered the next chapter of your life🥰. I wish you both happiness in your marriage forever and ever💐👍🤗

Ricky Aguinaldo

Big congrats for Kevin and Nathania! Wish you two a blissful marriage!

Jefferson Wilford Widovan

Congratulations ci nia and ko jer!!!! semoga langgeng terus selama-lamanya👍👍 ditunggu mini nia & jernya (kalau mau, kalau engga ya udah)👍 God Bless You both!

Ron and Elaine Fehr

We wish you both all the love and happiness that can be found in a marriage that honours God and keeps Him first and each other second! Congratulations we love you both

Valencia A

Congratulations on your wedding! May God bless you always ♡♥︎

Romans 12:10


Congrats Kevin and Nathania. Gbu


Our Father will bless your marriage, in the name of Jesus.. Amen

Joni wu

Selamat menikah! Semoga pernikahanmu senantiasa penuh berkah, cinta, kasih, sayang dan kebahagiaan.


Sukses selalu sampe hari H dan langgeng sampe kakrk Nenek JBU

Jeany Simon

So excited for you both!!
Praying for God’s favour and blessing upon you as you enter this new season of life 🙂

Bong Sak Khian

Selamat Menempuh Hidup Baru dan Semoga Berbahagia Selalu

Fanuel Winston

Fortis Fortuna adiuvat,

Opportunity is coming for the brave one.

May God bless your marriage


“May your joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine.”

Jopi Maitimu

Selamat buat Jeremiah dan Nathania , Tuhan Yesus berkati pernikahan kalian, Amin

Tji Seng

Hopefully everything goes well according to plan

Faridi Suwandi

Selamat menempuh hidup baru Jeremiah ❤️ Nathania, semoga berbahagia selalu, God bless 🙏🙏

Kikin Johan

Congratulations ya Jeremiah & Nathania, God bless your new family..

Regina Friandita

Always keep God’s love in your family’s life and support each other in any circumstances…Have a blessfull wedding & Stay firm in the Faith

Claudia Mastana

Happy wedding Jeremiah & Nathania 🥳 God bless ..

Unang Sularko

Selamat ya semoga selalu berbahagia …… God bless


Selamat berbahagia hingga akhir hayat ya

Lukas masehi

May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy


Saya akan datang dan semoga pernikahan kalian membawa kebahagiaan dan keberkahan yang kekal

Edwina Palit

Congratulation Nathania & Jeremah.. God Bless.

Ade Evor Yohanes

We pray that Jesus Christ Himself will come n bless both of you on your wedding day until you grow old together. Be a wonderful family in Christ💜 Sorry kalau english cici Jenny blepotan ya Nia😄 Gbu both


Congratulation on findng happiness

Shelly Lukas

Congratz…selamat menempuh pernikahan..langgeng ,sukses dan bahagia selalu..

Sarah Tumbel

Congratulation jeremiah & natania , God bless

Lozarus Gideon

Thank you for letting us share in your special day. We wish you all the happiness in the world.


Selamat menempuh hidup baru

Alwi Delimanto

Happy Wedding

Jeremiah ❤ Nathania
23 September 2023

Semoga menjadi keluarga yg diberkati dan memberkati ..amin

Lily Wiyanti

Excited for Mr Hadi & Mrs Theresia, happy parents for the bride

Diana Hidajat

Lancar2 sampai hari H yaah Nia & hubby to be 😍 Gbu 😇

Aries & Andriany

So happy for both of you ❤️. May Christ be the foundation of your family. Pray and trust your marriage will be a blessing for many 🙏

Jeffry Irwantoho

Happy Wedding Nathania & Jeremiah..

An amazing new chapter has begun. May you two always stay together in love.🙏

Kelvan firman

Congratulations and God bless your marriage

Hendi Irawan & Lusje Soeparman

Wedding is the plan of God to build His Kingdom in the earth for His beloved etenity life full of joy. Please let God has been creating it in yours life both, God bless you all the way

Alfa Nehemia

Happy Wedding Kevin & Nathania. May God bless the wonderfull marriage life now and forever♥️♥️♥️

Christian The

We pray that your marriage will be happy forever

Herry Purnomo

Selamat Berbahagia dalam menempuh bahtera hidup yang baru. Tuhan Yesus Memberkati

Indra Jo

Selamat menempuh hidup baru, kiranya Kasih Tuhan terus menyatukan nikah kalian sampai kakek nenek. GOD bless

Justin Choi

May your marriage be blessed! Congrats to both of you!

Fery Harsono

May both of you always find peace and love in God’s word

Roni suwito

Enjoy your new life. Jesus loves you.

Nadine Salsabila

Congratulations and cheers to a lifetime full of happiness and love. So excited for you both!<3

Pdt. Charles Nehemia

Dear Jeremiah N Nathania:

Have a blessed journey together…!
Can’t wait to see you.. 👌😊

Agus Gunawan

May GOD Bless your wedding and your new family

Nicksen & Christine

Congratz Nia & Jeremy. Lancar sampai hari H dan bahagia selalu. Gbu



Vicko Tari

Haiii kevin ! Masih inget ga ini Ka Tari om Aam bandung yg dulu kevin & ci klai suka nginep dan kita suka berenang brg hihi.. wah ga kerasa yaaa km (cici jg) akan menikah ! Happy wedding kevin & nathania 💗 bahagia selalu tuhan berkati kalian selalu amen salam Ka Tari-Ka Vicko-Kairi 👶

Lili Tanuhardja

Selamat atas pernikahannya, semoga langgeng terus sampai kakek nenek

Priska Kusnardi

Cheers to a lifetime full of happiness and love! ❤️

Jonathan Chingcuangco

Congratulations Jeremiah and Nia! May your marriage be an exciting journey full of love, adventures and a lifetime of happiness!

Oma Siane

Selamat menempuh hidup baru. Jesus Bless You

Hadi soebagio

Love life is just begun
Hope you can fill your journey with love, happiness and living by God’s spirit

Audhy Tanasal

Selamat menempuh hidup baru, semoga tetap langgeng sampai tua

Jessica Tjahjadi

Congratulations Nia and Jer! Cheers to a lifetime of happiness and adventures! 🥂

Rina Mijati

Selamat menempuh hidup baru, menjadi keluarga yg harmonis dan diberkati Tuhan selalu. Semoga menjadi keluarga bahagia dan sehat yang bertumbuh dalam Tuhan dan menjadi berkat bagi orang-orang sekitar. Tuhan Yesus Memberkati

– keluarga Rina Mijati

Ferry Wiyono

Congratulation and happy wedding

Singgih Sidharta

Congratz for New Journey of Your Life.. Wish you have bless family and happily ever after.

Setiadi & Martina Nelly

Congratulations. May Nathania & Jeremiah enjoy a life filled with love and happiness.


Congratulations on your wedding Jeremiah n Nathania

Carla Mae Cabato and Jonathan Chingcuangco

We are beyond excited to witness your wedding and vows to each other. This is just the beginning of God’s calling for both of you to do life and start a family together. Congratulations and cheers to a fruitful marriage! Love you both – Carla

Yuli n David

Happy Wedding n Congratulation for Nia & Jer


Congratz Nia & Jeremiah

Gunawan Nuriadi

Selamet menempuh hidup baru
Smga berbahagia sllu🙋‍♂️

Benny Nuriadi

I hope your marriage goes smoothly and always be happy

Tjen Sie Fong John

Tuhan Yesus senantiasa memberkati pernikahan kalian nanti dengan suka cita dan kebahagiaan. Amin.


Selamat menempuh hidup baru
Dan berbahagia selalu..

Audrey Amadea

Congrats ci Nia and ko Jer!! I’m so happy for you both! Sad that I can’t your wedding but sending tons of love from Canada. May God bless your marriage 🫶🥳

Edwin Budianto

Congrats Nia and Jer! Wishing you both a blessed and wonderful life together!

Cindy Putrinuto

Congrats Nia and Jer!! Wishing you a glorious ceremony with an abundance of wonderful memories to follow 🥂👰🏻🤵🏻🕊

Feni Kimberly

Congrats Jer & Nia!! Lots of love today and beyond ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Adinda Hewarlela

Kyaaa the cutest! Congratulations Nia and Jeremy, wishing you a lifetime of happiness. May God bless your marriage 💗🫶✨

Edbert Tanaldo

Congrats Jer & Nia!! Best wishes for a fun-filled future together!

Rene de Rocquigny

Congratulations Nia and Jeremiah! I can’t wait for your day 💍

Wilson Prayitno

Kasih setiaNya yang teguh membuat kalian kuat dan setia dalam perjalanan babak baru kalian. Damai sejahtera dan suka citaNya senantiasa menyertai kalian.

Maria Natasia Budidharma

Congratulations 🍾 to Jeremiah and Nia! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness 💒

Maggie Baramuli

Congratulations Jeremiah & Nia!! Can’t wait to cherish this beautiful moment with you. May this next chapter of your life be filled with much love, joy, and blessings 😭🥰💖

Anissa Anter

Congratulations! Wishing you a blessed and happy marriage <3

Jocelyn Froese

Congratulations Jeremiah & Nia!!
It is a blessing to celebrate with you on your special day! I am so happy for you both, you make a beautiful match! God bless!

Bana Rezene

God bless your marriage abundantly! Looking forward to see all the good things that God has in store for you in this nee season! You are both blessed and highly favoured. Love you!

Qin sun

Happy marriage, you both deserve the best and glad you found each other🥰

Wedding Gift

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“So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Matthew 19:6

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We look forward to welcoming you on our wedding day!



Jeremiah Kevin



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